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A long time ago in the land of Cincinnati, while I was between jobs, I met a researcher named Andrew Rettig. He was looking for help with sensor networks on embedded devices. I volunteered to help with the software, and together we worked on tooling to monitor temperatures and rain water runoff. We transitioned into a startup. After the startup ended, I open sourced all the tooling. We wrote some workbooks and lab manuals together for classes Andrew was teaching.

The Big Sense project is now entirely unmaintained. It was a great learning experience, but there are a lot of newer tools out there for environmental sensors. In 2023, I took down our unmaintained Wiki. Archived here are the PDFs from that website, as well as links to the old source code repository.

For all the volunteers, co-workers and students who contributed, thank you. It was a fun ride.


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Wiki Shutdown and Archive: 17 September 2023

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

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