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This installation expands upon our initial greenhouse installation with a second greenhouse site focused on soil temperature.  Sensors are placed for monitoring internal, external and soil temperatures.  Soil temperatures are collected every 15 minutes to analyze the temperature variance between covered and uncovered raised beds within the greenhouse.  Two of the beds are covered while the control raised bed is uncovered.  Temperature variance will be examined throughout the winter.  The data collected will benefit the Mission of Mary for growing crops year round within their urban garden greenhouse locations.  This hardware system was incorporated into our current cyberinfastructure at a cost totaling less than $300.



Many urban areas across the United States lack the necessary infrastructure to provide residents access to fresh, healthful foods and lush, open green space. East End Community Services has partnered with the University of Dayton and Mission of Mary Cooperative to initiate change within the urban region of East Dayton through the development of a sustainable, multipurpose urban agriculture and community greenspace within Dayton’s Twin Towers Neighborhood. The project will transform the land with natural, educational and recreational elements that will increase neighborhood access to wholesome foods and offer natural green space for community gatherings and nature play. As the former site of Lincoln Elementary School, this property is located in the heart of the Twin Towers Neighborhood among the residents it will serve.



Hanley Sustainability Institute


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