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This project is in partnership with the University of Dayton and the Hanley Sustainability Institute.  The planning and software development for the project will begin in spring of 2017 and continue for the summer and fall semesters.  A new open source software platform will be utilized for the development of soil moisture sensor integration.  Temperature and rain gauge data will also be incorporated into the project.  The project will also feature an educational mobile application on green roofs for student interaction with the real time sensor data.  Future phases of the project hope to include data visualization through augmented reality.


A patio concrete roof top on the campus of UD is being renovated to include green roof enhancements.  The improvements will be both aesthetic and functional to be used an educational and research site regarding green roofs.  Sensor systems will be included in both the design and construction to enhance the goals of the project.  Work on the site is scheduled to begin spring of 2017.  The site will educate the university community on the challenges of stormwater runoff within the local ecosystem while demonstrating solutions for peak water discharge reduction during local rain events.



Hanley Sustainability Institute



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