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Upcoming Talks

11 April, 2017Sumit KhannaScala at the Sea MeetupWhitepagesSeattle, Washington
20 June 2017Sumit KhannaPDXScalaDexcomPortland, Oregon
22 June 2017Sumit KhannaPortland Python User GroupTBAPortland, Oregon
13 July 2017Sumit KhannaSacPyTBASacramento, California
Every Semester at UDAndrew RettigEnvironmental Sensor Networking classKettering Labs, University of DaytonDayton, Ohio


About Big Sense

BigSense is an open source web service, licensed under the GNU GPL3,  that is designed to record and present data from sensor networks. It works with LtSense (pronounced Little Sense), an application that can be installed on embedded devices. LtSense retrieves data from sensors can then transmit that data to web services such as BigSense. The entire program is still a work in progress with the first implementation used at the Green Learning Station for measuring pavement temperatures and storm water runoff.

BigSense Specifications

  • Written in Scala
  • Runs on Tomcat
  • RESTful API
  • Full regression tests (BigSenseTester written for Python 3.x)
  • Supports queries based on date ranges and timestamp ranges
  • Aggregation support for sums and averages over time intervals within date and timestamp ranges
  • Presents data in multiple formats (XML, Comma Separated Vales, Tab Delimited, HTML tables)
  • RSA signature verification for incoming sensor data
  • Supports multiple relational databases
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 / 2012
    • PostgreSQL 9.x (with postgis extention)
    • MySQL (in progress)

LtSense Specifications

  • Written for Python 2.x
  • Polls for new data at configurable sample interval
  • Queues sensor data in SQLite database
  • RSA signatures for sensor data (using pypi-RSA) 
  • Support for transmitting images from USB web cameras
  • Limited support for 1-Wire sensors (using OneWireFileSystem)


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